Tennis Training & Programs in North Easton, Massachusetts

Our facility specializes in professional tennis training and high-level tennis programs in North Easton, Massachusetts.
We are a family of tennis and fitness enthusiasts, dedicated to athletic and personal growth. Our environment is fun, respectful and empowering. You will feel at home and welcome – from the moment you are greeted in our clubhouse – to the last point you play on the court.

Members Enjoy:

  • Twelve spectacular, indoor and outdoor tennis courts – both clay and hard surface.
  • Cutting-edge, brown/billone TRAIN/COACH tennis training
  • Dynamic and innovative tennis programs for all players–from the recreational level to the highest level of junior, collegiate & adult play
  • Clubhouse reception area and lounge, men's and women's locker rooms, pro shop services and retail space
Success at brown/billone club is:
  1. Our ability to cultivate the best in our students, and
  2. Your ability to develop your personal best.
The brown/billone TRAIN/COACH method draws on decades of tennis training and coaching techniques, and cutting-edge research on the science of how we learn. Players and coaches work together on three key elements to increase learning VELOCITY and SHARPEN SKILLS faster than any other tennis training program. Period.

1. Practice with Purpose

Practice with purpose is deep practice that goes beyond repetitive drills. Practice does NOT make perfect. Practice with purpose makes perfect. You ... Read more

2. Master Coaching

Master coaching is listening to you – and knowing you. We have an extraordinary sensitivity to you as a person and a player, and we customize our ... Read more

3. Passion and Commitment

Passion and commitment is taking pride in your performance, and loving every moment of play and practice. Players and coaches have integrity and ... Read more

Our Club

We are leaders in tennis today because we prepare our players for the sport of tomorrow. We strive to deliver every advantage—from innovative technology to the proven results of the Brown Billone Club tennis train/coach system. Training develops physical precision and mental control. Coaching teaches techniques and tactics for faster, more efficient play.

Tennis Legacies

Managing partners and Directors of Tennis, Dave Brown and Brian Billone, are leaders and innovators in tennis club management, tennis coaching, and program development. Each has been teaching tennis in New England for more than 20 years.

Dave Brown

Dave has been teaching tennis throughout New England since 1985, and has been a member of the United States Professional Teaching Association since 1986. Dave is a former top junior player in New England, and continued his competitive career while getting an education at Old Dominion University. Dave has been a top ten tennis player in the New England Men's Open Division and pioneered the Bollettieri Alliance Academy program, a joint venture with the Nick Bollettieri Academy. This academy satellite program offers intensive, highly focused drills, stroke analysis, supervised match play, videotaping, fitness, and mental conditioning.

Brian Billone

Brian has been teaching tennis throughout New England since 1988, and is a member of the United States Professional Teaching Association. He is a former nationally ranked junior, top five New England junior, high school All-American, top five Men's Open player, and played NCAA Division I and Division II tennis. Brian continued his competitive career on the New England money circuit as well as several professional events, earning wins over players that reached the world top 1000 in singles and top 300 in doubles. Brian was formerly the director of tennis at multiple facilities in Massachusetts, which include both commercial and private clubs. Brian's mother and brother were touring professionals and head tennis pros. His brother was a tour player for three years, attaining a world ranking, and his mother competed in Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
Outdoor Tennis Court — The Brown Billone Club in North Easton, MA
Indoor Tennis Court — The Brown Billone Club in North Easton, MA
Outdoor Tennis Court - Tennis & Swimming Facility -  North Easton, MA