Contract Court Time in North Easton, Massachusetts

Reserve a court for the winter at the same time on the same day on a weekly basis. This way you will be guaranteed your court each week and get it for a reduced price! The indoor contract time season will run from September 5, 2017 – May 20, 2018. Payments for the 38 weeks are due in full by August 15th.


  • Guaranteed court time each week (save hassle of calls).
  • Ability to sell court (place court up for sale) with credit when resold
  • Contract Court Time costs less than reserved or walk-on court time
  • First option for renewal of court time each year.


  • 9am-3pm: $50 per week for 1.5 hrs, $33 per week for 1 hr
  • 3pm-10pm: $55 per week (Note 8:30-10pm will be the last 1.5 hr slot available), $37 per week for 1hr

Saturday and Sunday

  • 9am-5pm: $55 per week for 1.5 hrs and $37 per week for an hour
  • 5pm-8pm: $50 per week for 1.5hrs and $33 per week for an hour
  • The Contract Time pricing reflects roughly a 10% discount over reserved or walk on time.