Tennis & Swimming Instruction in North Easton, Massachusetts

Our sports and recreation club offers excellent tennis and swimming instruction taught by well-qualified, talented coaches in North Easton, Massachusetts. You're invited to come by and see our continually expanding facility.

New Club, New Courts, New Programs

Our facility is comprised of five indoor clay courts, three indoor hard courts, four beautiful nestled outdoor clay courts, a basketball half court, a volleyball and badminton area, and an outdoor aquatics center. We offer a wide variety of adult and junior programming for all ages and levels of play. Enjoy our newly painted and remodeled clubhouse, new locker rooms, and dynamic programs to challenge and inspire each player at every level. Future plans include creating a full view of our indoor courts when we expand the clubhouse and connect it to both tennis buildings. This will be an extended lobby and viewing room, with sofas, chairs and a few workout machines. We will be constructing a state-of-the-art outdoor swim facility soon. This will include a 20- by 60-foot pool and 2000 sq. ft. deck, which will have its own bathhouse. This development will be in addition to our existing, newly renovated outdoor pool.
Hard and Clay Court — The Brown Billone Club in North Easton, MA
Hard and Clay court renovation were completed AGAIN, Aug 2017


Our culture is a ‘quiet' confidence in who we are and what we do. We know that individual experiences and results WILL speak for themselves. The brown/billone TRAIN/COACH method is the foundation for building great players and teaching pros. It is ‘how' and ‘why' you WILL realize your full athletic and personal potential. The brown/billone TRAIN/COACH method is integral to all our programming, and fundamental to our culture of individual ownership and high performance. Individual ownership means that players and coaches set goals – and are accountable for results. High performance means that coaches and players are fully engaged, motivated and have the drive to succeed

Brown Billone Club Mission

Tennis is our passion. Our mission is to elevate you, your game, your team, and the Easton community. Our vision is a lifetime of continued achievement and learning for players – both on and off the court.